Reason 9 pitch correction Wow

So I’m not into making technical blog posts.  In some ways as music creators I think there should be a certain amount of mystery to what we do.  I want the listener to watch the stage and not look at the person behind the curtain.  The long hours of crafting and sanding and polishing and […]

Song coming soon then new EP!

Finally!  It has been a thing.  Once I released Interrupted Journey I wanted a new sound.  That takes time, new work flow, new things and as with anytime we try something new it takes time. I’m looking to do another 3 song EP.  I enjoy the package of 3 songs under one umbrella style release.  Perhaps […]

Lights Dim up on Youtube!

The third and final release for my first EP “The Interrupted Journey” is up!  Yes…it took awhile, sorry about that.  I’m still working on the next three songs to release…and as always I’m rebuilding each step as I go.

Battle Station Pic

So it’s a thing to show where the music is made.  Some people’s set ups are cool, some a mess.  I was goofing about today and thought I would put this up.  I produce mainly in the early mornings and in the dark.  Not dark like some sort of creepy goth kid.  It just so […]

Gearing up for an EP release!

I’m in the last few stages of an EP release.  At the moment there are 3 new songs ready to go.  What that really means is I’m waiting for some magical feeling (a decrease in anxiety) that it is time to let it go.  Maybe not anxiety…just a “done” feeling.  Usually that feeling starts with […]