Heartbeat is up!

Another song up.  This one is a mix of simple groove with a mix of Horror Movie feel.  I’ve always been interested in how images and sounds can trigger the fear response yet there is no obvious danger.  I explore some of those sounds here. Advertisements

Streaming Coming Soon!

O man, brutal.  I didn’t appreciate how much work had to go into setting up a stream.  My thought is to provide some of the experience of the creative process.  At this point I don’t do a lot of silent time while creating.  More jamming really.  I set the songs up to play and transition […]

Can’t Seem is up!

I was struggling with this one for awhile.  It breaks out of my normal chill production.  I’m not sure where my next song is going.  Perhaps a longer length more improvisational design.  Can’t tell yet.  In the mean time, here you go!